Problem with ACH Verification and Paying Invoices

Hello there.

I’m using the Self-Hosted version of Invoice Ninja, with Stripe as the primary payment gateway. I have connected and tested payment using a credit card and works fine (goes through on Stripe). But I’m having some issues getting ACH to work correctly.

I created a test invoice for a small amount and went to pay it using ACH. I entered my details and waited for the deposits, which eventually showed up on my statement.

First problem: I couldn’t get to a screen where I could enter the verification amounts. After a little research, it looks like I can do this manually in Stripe (and I did that for this test). But it doesn’t seem very efficient (or secure?) to have my client send me the deposit amounts and update their account manually. Is there a way for the client to do that part?

Second problem: After I verified the deposits and everything is kosher on Stripe’s side, I got to pay the invoice again in Invoice Ninja via Bank Transfer. I get the same screen that asks for my payment info for my bank (routing number, etc). Since it’s been confirmed, it should be saved somewhere, right? How do I get that info to link correctly to their account?

I just realized that I currently have passwords for invoices turned off. I thought that might be a hassle for clients, but I’m wondering if that option has to be enabled for ACH to work correctly. Is that the case?

If not, is there something I’m missing in order to get ACH to work seamlessly to pay invoices once it’s been setup and verified?


As far as saving payment details, you’ll want to check your Token Billing setting under Basic Settings->Online Payments->Payment Settings

Personally, I would leave it set to “Opt-In”, so that saving payment details or not is left up to the user.

Thanks for the suggestion. I currently have it set to “Opt-Out” and while I may revisit that setting, my currently problem leads me to believe that the “token” is not being saved for ACH.

When I used a Credit Card with Stripe, it worked flawlessly and the next time I went to the invoice under “Pay Now”, it listed the card on file. It does not have that for “Bank Transfer” even thought it has been verified. Pretty sure that the checkbox to save the billing info was checked, as it’s set to “Opt-Out”. Is there anything else that could cause a previously verified ACH account to not be saved?

There should be a link on the client portal dashboard page in the ‘payment methods’ section where your client can verify the micro-deposit amounts.

This is what I was looking for. I was able to see the “verify deposits” section on the client portal, but was unable to test this as I had already updated the deposits manually in Stripe. Will re-try to make sure that it works in the client portal.