Problem using :MONTH and :YEAR when creating invoices for the coming month


we regularly send invoices for monthly subscriptions about a week before the respective month begins.
They typically include a text like this

“License and subscription fee for the month of November 2018”

I can not currently create a recurring invoice to facilitate this, because if I want to send this invoice already on October 20th, I have to do this:

“License and subscription fee for the month of :MONTH+1 :YEAR”

However, this will fail for the January invoice because that one will be sent in December 2018 and show the wrong year:

“License and subscription fee for the month of January 2018”

It should read 2019 of course! Do you have any suggestion on how I can resolve this? Otherwise the recurring invoices feature is quite useless for my monthly recurring invoices.


It’s a bug, we hope to correct it in v2.


well it actually behaves exactly as advertised, so I wouldn’t call it a bug - it’s just that there is functionality missing that allows me to say “THE YEAR OF THE NEXT MONTH”.

It could look like this:

:MONTH - current month
:YEAR - current year

:MONTH_YEAR - the year of the current month
:MONTH_QUARTER - the quarter of the current month

So than if I create an invoice in December 2018 and put

“Invoice for :MONTH+1 :MONTH_YEAR+1”

it would say

“Invoice for January 2019”

but once the next invoice is sent in January 2019 it would say

“Invoice for February 2019”

Are you sure you can’t implement this for the current version? It is really critical and shouldn’t be a lot of effort.


We accept pull requests…

Is there any chance that this is going to be committed? It’s a really disturbing bug and this fix is IMHO mandatory.