Problem importing data from InvoicePlane

I have a self-hosted install of InvoiceNinja v5.

My legacy invoicing platform that I am moving away from was InvoicePlane.

I am using the plane2ninja project (GitHub - turbo124/Plane2Ninja: Export data from Invoice Plane to Invoice Ninja) to attempt to export my data from InvoicePlane.

I am able to get plane2ninja to output JSON from the InvoicePlane database. However, I am stuck on importing the JSON into InvoiceNinja.

When I save the JSON to a file and try to import it in Settings > Import/Export, Ninja complains that the file must be of type ZIP. If I create a ZIP archive containing the JSON file, import fails with a 500 error. My logs show that an exception was thrown that the JSON file does not exist or is corrupt.

I looked at the Ninja code and found that the JSON file in the ZIP archive is expected to be called backup.json

However, renaming the file and zipping it again causes the same exception to be thrown at the same place in the code.

Can someone help me please? I believe @david maintains the plane2ninja project.

Hi There @notnow

The invoice plane tool was written a long time ago and is just to convert the data into v4 format.

You’ll want to import that json into v4 first, and then perform a migration to v5