Private switch on documents - how does it work?

I’ve checked the documentation - and couldn’t find anything about it’s function.
Screenshot below is from the Settings > Company Details > Documents

Seems like it does nothing, since documents uploaded with Private switch ON are still available to the clients.
The screenshot below is from the documents uploaded to a task.

Here you can see every “Private” document exposed.


@david can you please advise?

Hi There,

We have a fix for this in the release to be deployed Tomorrow (Sunday)

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Reporting back after update,
Documents marked as private in Settings > Company Details > Documents - not showing up in the client portal anymore.

However, documents in any other place, marked as “Private” still showing up.
Screenshot below - for freshly uploaded documetns and newly created invoice/task.

Private document from previous screenshot (first message) - is still available in the documents section of the client portal.

Any word on this, or is it an expected behavior?

The change required for this is coming in the next release on Sunday.

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Reporting back after 5.7.30 release - everything is still the same. Private docs are available through client portal as mentioned in

5.7.33 release - looks like this was fixed.
Thank you wonderful people!

Glad to hear it, thanks for confirming the fix!