Print invoices directly to a local network printer

I would like to use invoice ninja internally, just on the local network. But have not been able to find a way for invoice ninja to print directly from the server.
Print directly using cups would be awesome. ¿Does anyone have similar requirement?


You can create issues here to request new features:

I have been searching pass issues… No one talks about network print.
But If invoice Ninja is able to create a PDF for each invoice when generated. I can put a bash script.

i used php/sql to match the dates i want to send and inv. with a balance due, right from the database to:

1 .to get the invoice number and key,

  1. then get the invoice pdf from the inv ninja api then rename using invoice number (123.pdf)

and then with php issued the bash command to print pdf file to cups printer. works great. runs faster than my printer can.

Is there a way to trigger that bash command when you finish to fill up the invoice?

We added a print option in the latest version of the app.

It should be possible to trigger a bash command by configuring a webhook on Settings > Account Management.

Testing v5.3.84-C78 but I am unable to see the print option using the web app.

It’s beneath the 'View PDF" option in the invoice action dropdown.