Price with more than 4 decimals

Hello Ninjas,

I was reading that there was a plan to include in the latest software release the possibility to have more than 4 decimal places for prices. Did this every happen?


I believe in v5 we’ve increased it to 5

@EAB2020 out of interest, how many decimals would you use, and where in the app would you use them?

Thanks for the reply Hillel,

I am on Ninja hosted, which I believe still uses V4 (or older version). Did I miss something?

Hi David,

Thanks for your question. I sell products (think grains of sand) in quantities of millions of units. Typically I quote these products at per grain pricing. Typical pricing would look like 0.00765.

@EAB2020 i’ve adjusted the product columns to accept 6 decimal precision. This should cover your use case.

Good afternoon Mr.
We just signed in, the software is excellent, congratulations!!!
That is exactly what we need, currently when we use decimals, the calculation performs correctly, however, in the invoice generated in pdf format, the amount appears at zero, and therefore, the calculated amount, also at zero, which implies a data inconsistency.
Could you please help us?

@david @ben any thoughts?

Thank you very much, gentlemen.
Since the calculations are performed correctly on the administrator screen, with all due respect I am only imagining that at the time of generating the invoice in “PDF” format, the software tries to recalculate everything again, based on formatted labels (without decimals), instead of using the original values for a simple direct display.


can you give us an example of a quantity and cost that isn’t working? I would expect if switch the quantity and cost fields, it should work as expected. We would always round on the cost field, but not on the quantity field.

Dear David.

We are very happy for your response.

However, we must admit that we made a mistake in interpreting the title of the discussion.

We wanted to refer to the value of the quantity, not the value of the price. Currently the calculations are carried out correctly with decimals in the quantity (Admin Panel), however, in the invoice generated in “PDF” format, the quantity appears in zero (0) and therefore, the total of the line as well.

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Admin Panel: Ok

Generated PDF: Wrong

Shall we delete our posts from this thread and repost them to another? :slight_smile:

Hi David,

I want to thank you for your past efforts here… But, I am unsure how to implement the 6 decimal (to the right) feature for price. Currently when I put in a price of 0.000176, the system rounds the number up to to .00018 and calculates the final item price to reflect this price. What I need is that the system not round the price at all. I sell in quantities of 10,000,000 + so the way it currently works is problematic. I have to export to PDF then adjust it manually. Please advise what can be done here. Thanks in advance.

Hi David, Merry Christmas,

I wanted to re-open this discussion with you as I am still struggling with this situation. It seems that the rounding up of the price happens after saving the document. In the use example in my previous note, the calculated line item price and extended price are correct prior to saving the document. Once it is saved, the rounding up happens. This is version 4 hosted. I would be pleased to try V5 hosted if this fixes my situation.