Prevent receiving emails as admin

I helped a customer with setting up Invoice Ninja. Overtime he needs some assistance with the application. To follow up on customers, he wanted to receive emails as soon as a quote or invoice was send. However I seem to receive all his quotes and invoices too. I only want to support him when necessary and don’t want all the emails. Is there some setting to prevent this from happening?

Yes, remove your email address and put his in the place and create a new user as administrator with your email address.

Oh yeah, also change this settings:
Settings > Notifications > Only receive notifications for your invoices

Thanks, didn’t notice that setting.

@Randy, I just wanted to thank your for all of your help on the forums!

It’s a huge help and enables us stay focused on v5, looking forward to sharing the beta…

@Hillel: you’re welcome, glad I can help!

If at least I could resolve my own problems at fast as I help other users :’-)

If you have any open issues I can help with feel free to create a new post and I’ll do my best…

Also, if you have the time I’d very much appreciate any feedback you have on the v5 demo