Prepayment detail text


we often use the prepayment function. The customer has the option to make their own entrie for a description text for what this prepayment is for. However, the text does not appear in the customer dashboard after the payment or in the admin panel. Is that possible at all or have I just looked in the wrong place?

In addition to this, how is the booking text for a prepayment added in Stripe? Currently, not the Customer entered Text is used.


@david can you please advise?


If you view the deleted invoices, you’ll see the pre payment “invoice” there with the user entered text.

If it is a recurring invoice, the client entered text is used as the description there.

In stripe we use the pre payment test language with a timestamp:

This is all structured so that it is not an “invoice” that has been generated, but a pre payment.

@david thanks for the quick reply. Found the generated invoices and the entered text.

Was a Little confused because I was searching for it as a “private note” or something, that the customer would get a change to check why he did that payment in the first place later on.

Is there a way to customise these? Would be nice to give the customer the possibility to see that in their pre payment section so they can use the pdf for tax purposes.

I don’t believe so, feel free to create an issue to request it.

GitHub Issue over here: