Pre-Payment/bulk payment by bank transfer v5

Hello. I have a use case that prepayments are made only by a bank transfer. The client does not use the client portal, but I can do a manual entry from the backend or the client portal when I have confirmation from my bank the transfer has cleared.

I have read previous threads in the forum and watch the youtube video Pre Payments / Retainers - YouTube but, I am not able to sucessfully have an unapplied payment or a credit.

My example is an invoice is created for a variable amount for each month of the year.

The client sends bank transfers on an irregular basis throughout the year.

These bank transfers are usually paid in advance for more than one invoice. Sometimes there is insufficient credit/pre-payment to apply to the latest invoice, so they will send another transfer, resulting in a few invoices per year with multiple different transfer payments (usually just 2, a partial and the remainder), but there has been an occasion that there have been 3 when the partial plus second was not sufficient.

I am using white label dedicated debian server 11 git self-hosted v5.5.124-C118 and the app or web clients
no errors in laravel.log or invoiceninja.log

Please let me know if anything needs clarification.

update- I should add. what I am expecting to happen is to create a payment that is applied to no invoice, have a floating credit or unapplied payment, that I can apply to each invoice until the amount is zero (much like showed in the youtube that used a credit card payment)



@david do you have any suggestions?


If you create a manual payment for X this should appear as an unapplied payment which can then later be applied.

Thank you for the reply, but, I must be doing something wrong??

@david I do not have the option to create a manual Payment for any amount unless I select an invoice. Once I select an invoice, despite having allow over pay or underpay allowed in settings, the amount I enter cannot exceed the invoice amount, otherwise I get the following error

422: The given data was invalid.
• The amount is greater than the invoice balance. You cannot overpay an invoice.

Maybe I need to create some kind of Credit from the credit menu? and assign it a Prepayment "item’ for pay in advance?

I am sorry if I have missed this documentation somewhere, or I have configured some setting wrong. I will give it a fresh look in the Morning, unless you have any additional advice, comments or questions, I don’t see how to do as you are suggesting for a Bank Transfer entered manually by me, or from the client portal (the entry is made but it does not seem to do anything useable)

I tried to upload another screenshot, but, it only allows me 1 as a new user.

Thank you - Paul

You’ll want to enabled this setting in Settings > Payment Settings

You’ll then see an amount field where you can enter the amount received.

Yes, I saw that in the video too I think, but It is not an option in my App. (Mac 5.0.118)

AH! Thank you! I see it in the web version now, I guess that option has not made it to the Mac App yet?

Please check that you’re using the latest available version of the macOS app.

Also, please check that the settings aren’t filtered by client or group.

Also, please check that the settings aren’t filtered by client or group.

@hillel The client filter is exactly what was happening in my MacOS app. I did not even notice I was in the client payment settings and not global. Thank you!

@david Everything is now working perfectly and as you demonstrated!

I can create the unallocated payment, allocate many Invoices per Payment, and the client portal shows the client where each credit went.

I added many invoices (including an old partial paid one) to a large payment until all the funds were used, ending with the most recent partially paid invoice for the next payment. Very fast and efficient without me having to keep track of payments, balances, invoices, etc, manually - tedious and error prone. This workflow was better than I expected. Really well done folks.

Thank you all!

All the best -Paul

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