Postal Code in front of city


I use invoice ninja since years and have no switched to the brandless version because I love this tool! Because I’m from Germany there are two points that are not like the common standards here and I want to change this:

  1. Is it possible that the postal code is in front of the city name in the invoices?
  2. Is it possible to set the currency icon(€) behind the price on the invoices?

Thanks for your help!

  1. If you set the country for the client it should correct the postal code order.

  2. This should also be determined by the client’s country.

That was to easy for me. I didn’t set de country to any customer. Thank!

Same problem, but I have set the client country correctly (to the Netherlands). Still printing behind the city, but it should be in front.
Is there another way to manipulate this?