Possible to select client as a vendor?

I’ve done a quick search and didn’t see anyone else asking about this, so apologies if it’s a duplicate question.

We sometimes have a two-way relationship with our clients, where they hire us for services, but we also purchase items from them. So far, this has been kind of cumbersome to have the same organization entered in two places: once as a client, and again as a vendor, and then coordinating that to determine whether we owe them more money than they owe us at time of billing.

It seems like this would be more straightforward if we could also select clients in the “vendor” field of the expense records:

The existing “client” field is for when the expense needs to be billed to the client, not (afaik) for when the client is the vendor. Am I missing something that would make this process easier?


I think you’d need to create the client as a client and as a vendor.

We’ll keep this in mind for the future…

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