Possible? Opening the Paypal app instead of using the browser to make payments?

For Paypal or any other providers (which provide an app)… Is there a way or possible to have the clients/customer open the app when clicking on the invoice instead of using their web browsers?
Or a way to provide them a separate link to open the app instead or before the browser…?
Assuming they have this installed on their smartphones.


I’m not sure if this is possible.

not a biggie… just wondering. Client was asking me since they forgot there password and they usually use the app mostly. STILL Love the app and you guys who make this happen!! Maybe one day with a future upgrade…

Paypal actually has a way to open the app using this: paypal:// instead of HTTP://
But with limited usages… Im wondering if this would work for Invoice ninja? or somehow providing the customers with a separate link if they are using IOS for ex.

Thanks for the info!

@david any thoughts?

I think the problem is we need to bounce through invoice ninja to get the data to send to paypal, including any fees, so a direct link as such isn’t possible.

got cha! Thanks for the info.