Possible new payment option

I have been very reluctant to use an online payment option for one very simple reason (COST)!! 98% Of my customers are local so check or cash is my preferred method of payment. Yes online payment is very convenient granted. However as most of my invoices are 1,000$++ hence paying those high prices from my hard earned profits doesn’t sit well with me. And I’m not about to pass that cost into my customers like most have suggested. I understand that’s how things work these days, but I like to think outside the box. I’ve been searching for a block chain payment option and I think I may have found one. https://www.veem.com/ Now they don’t process debit or credit cards, Con. But they do provide 1$ wire transfers. Pro. No other fees of any kind except for currency exchange. This is an option that would work great in my case. Further research is needed. Just thought I’d bring this information to the group.

Thanks! We’ll definitely look into it…

FYI… our payment systems is powered by a PHP library called Omnipay, we depend on Omnipay drivers to add new gateway.