Php artisan migrate - Access Denied

I just discovered Invoice Ninja, I am giving it a try. I followed this centos guide since I am running Centos 7(clean install) on a VPS.

I pasted my logs on different pastebin to make this post clear since there is no spoiler or preview post.

See output from running php artisan migrate Code runned in SSH - Pastebin
See my config here:
-Database.php database pastebin
-MySQL - PERMISSIONS mysql show grants pastebin

I updated the mysql user password a thousand times to make sure I had the same password both in mysql and the database.php config.

Can someone tell me what’s going on? Do I have to encrypt the password or something?

Plus, do I need to remove on comment the multi database line in the config ?

Thank you,

What value for DB_USER in the .env file?

Wow. after all those hours. Thank you!

See what the guide says:

Now we have to configure Invoice Ninja to use our MariaDB ‘thrninja’ database. To do that, run the following command:

cp -v .env.example .env

I thought all I needed was to copy it, missed the part to edit it.

All credentials were default, I updated it and it works.

Thank you David