PHP 7.3 support?

Does InvoiceNinja support PHP7.3?

I did not find a support matrix table anywhere on the docs, maybe we should have it?

For one of the cronjobs, the php cli version got switched to 7.3 and I got the following error:

In Builder.php line 1229:

  compact(): Undefined variable: operator

so I suspect it is not supported.

“Not supported” is a pretty strong indication of it not working at all. I’m on 7.3, and as far as I can tell, it’s only affecting that particular task. I haven’t seen it throwing off errors any other time ‘operator’ is called.

Still, something worth looking into (if they aren’t already). Submitting an issue over at would probably be a good idea.

Agreed, an issue with steps to replicate would be helpful…

Here is the github issue:

Perhaps this is related to: