Phantom JS error code 500

Installed via softaculous yesterday. It will not create pdf’s and gives a phantom JS error. I could not preview pdf’s and when sending test invoices (which finally just arrived 8 hours later), and clicked on “view invoice” in the email, it brought me to a page that said “error code 500”. When clicking “return to [site]” the customer profile could be viewed, and you could click on payment, but still could not see the actual invoice.
I am not a programmer, so please explain how to correct this without simply saying “add line [whatever]”. I wouldn’t know where to add it. Thanks!


It may help to create an account with PhantomJS Cloud and create a key rather than use the default one.

Thank you. I did that, and followed the directions, updated the .env file, emptied the bootstrap cache and it is still not working

i should add also, when i create a test invoice, email it to myself (without the actual pdf) and click on the link to view, it brings me to a jumble of a page on the computer, with frames all wrong and no graphics. on mobile it looks fine. is this part of the same issue?
After first installing, i noticed that everytime i clicked on “invoices” it took itself out of SSL, and then every click after that did not get back into it. So i contacted my host help desk and they did somethng to fix that . Not sure if that is affecting the frames. The pdf never worked from the time of install

This has been resolved with the help of my hosting help desk! You can close it. thank you!

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Thanks for letting us know, can you advise what the issue was so that others who land here may understand a solution for this issue.

They showed me how to get access to the terminal (in shared hosting) to run php artisan optimize instead of just deleting the cache.