Persist sent email himself

I would like to store in DB pdf files of invoice emails were sent to clients using API .
How is it possible to do ?

Haven’t found anything related to this in the api documentation


@david any ideas?


the PDFs are stored in the filesystem. i would not recommend storing the blobs in the database.

Thank you for the recommendation, but you didn’t answer on the question I’ve asked above…
It could be DB or File System, the question is how to grab sent email pdf


Please see API documentation here:

@david ,
Thank you for the quick reply.
Could you be more precise and navigate me to specific endpoint url???

I’ve inspected endpoints and there is no any endpoint url to save sent email.
There is only endpoint to send email to client, but it is totally different what I am looking for.


Its not clear exactly what you want here. Do you want the PDF or do you want the contents of the email that was sent?

Ideally, It has to be a pdf that includes all the content of email rendered. Attached an example in first page of pdf file. In other words, it is a screenshot of what are you observing when you open email message.

ah, we don’t have any endpoints which can do this.