Permissions - VestaCP ( Apache2 with NGINX Proxy)

I have been running into 403 Error while installing InvoiceNinja on a Debian 9 server with VestaCP control panel ( Apache2 with NGINX proxy, PHP7.0 ) I am installing to the public_html directory of a subdomain which has verified serving static content ( ) I have used chown and chmod to change owner and permissions by trying each of the following: www-data, nginx, and admin user groups to no avail. Has anyone run into this issue that can point me in the right direction?

Basically, I have a functioning web server with SSL support, uploaded Invoice Ninja zip package, unzipped, moved up from invoiceninja-master to public_html and expect to be served with an install screen… what am I overlooking?

Long-shot guess, but Vesta could be running Apache as a different user entirely. Try running ps aux | egrep '(apache|httpd)' and see what shows up. It should be www-data, but never hurts to check.

Yes, I’m pulling www-data, the only similar program I’ve run in laravel is Akaunting, which actually required me to use admin group…

Are you using modsecurity?

No, I didn’t install mod_security, basically a vanilla VestaCP and ran script to force https, everything else is stock…the subdomain is invoicing. pointclick. digital ( dispersed for SEO reasons )