Permission Denied Error When Client Tries to Pay Invoice(s)

As stated in the title I have been getting clients that are calling me saying that when they try to pay their invoices on their portals that it just spins for about a minute and then shows this error on the top of the page (not a popup):

{“message”:“fopen(/home/fusionit/ Failed to open stream: Permission denied”}

They continue to try and pay over and over and it seems to work on the back-end because I then have refund them for over payment.

I tried testing this with a dummy account and a $1 payment but everything worked as normal. What I think all the clients that had this problem have in common is that they had more then one payment and tried to pay all of their invoices at one with the check box feature.

Any idea what could be going on here?


@david any thoughts?

The system isn’t able to write to the directory /public/storage

you need to change the permissions for that directory to the webuser.

Great, made the permissions change. Will report back if that fixed it. Thank you!

So after making the above changes clients were able to pay their bills, however now when a new invoice is created it reverts back to using pdf’s in folders that dont have the correct permissions and the error is back (see attachment for newer generated pdf’s). I set every file to 777 and now the new ones generated are 664.

How can I fix this?

if you are running queue’s you need to ensure the queue “user” is the same as the webuser otherwise you’ll have this type of issue.