Permanently Remove Deleted Client

I have deleted a duplicate client that should never have been imported in the first place. Is there a way to permanently delete (purge) the record?


You can purge all data on Settings > Account Management but we don’t currently support purging a single client.

We plan to add this in a future release.

Good to know. Thanks for responding.

I’m assuming that manually deleting a specific row from the clients table would do very bad things?

Correct, it would most likely break the app.

We hope to work on this feature for our next release…

I have successfully upgraded to 4.31 without any issue so far. I have tested the purge feature for removing clients. There is no ability to purge an archived client. The client needs to be active to purge. Could you please confirm if I am doing this the correct way?

That’s the current behavior, we’ll look into supporting purging deleted clients in our next major release.

Okie dokie. Thanks. ?