Permanently Delete deleted clients/expenses/invoices

Good afternoon!

I have a quick question. We were doing some tests with imports, and because of that have many … many deleted items. We’d like to be able to delete those from the deleted folder, so that the deleted folder will just be the actually deleted items, and not our test items.

Is it possible to permanently/bulk delete the deleted items? Or reset the counter at least?

We tried doing purges, but nothing happens unfortunately.

Thank you!


@david any thoughts why the purge option wouldn’t work?

Hi both!

At first we tried, it said to set the password. We used Apple. We set the password, tried again, didn’t give an error, but nothing happened.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, I think it may be a bug related to using Apple for the login.

We’ll look into it in the app, as a workaround it may help to use the Windows desktop app.

I don’t have a windows computer, but trying on the Mac app it was the same…

I think you’ll either need to wait for the next release or disconnect Apple on Settings > User Details.

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I’ll try to do that.

In the meantime, is there a way to permanently delete items from the deleted section?

Also, will the purge clean vendors as well?

Thanks @hillel

Purging the data will remove it from the deleted section.

Vendors should also be cleared.

Thank you! Disabling Apple Login has fixed the issue. With Apple login still on, I never got the password prompt.

I have a different question. Is it possible to just permanently delete the deleted items? Or to reset the counter somehow?

Thank you!

If you purge the data it should permanently delete all of the data.

If purging doesn’t reset the counters they can be manually set back to 1 on Settings > Generated Numbers.

@hillel Thank you! The manual step did it.

Last question, can we perma delete the deleted items, without purging all data?

Thank you!

Sorry, that isn’t supported.

You can purge individual clients along with their records.