Per row discount not shown in the invoice total

I would like to discount all the product (services/activities) except one, and I would like the total discount is shown in the invoice.
I added percent discount per row, but the total discount is not shown in the invoice (for example, 100 gross, 80 net, the discount of 20 is not shown). It is shown only the discounted price in each row.
If I add discount for the invoice instead, it is correctly shown in the invoice total (100 gross, 80 net, 20 discount) without devaluating each row.


The discount type selector (percent or amount) at the top of the form applies to all discounts (invoice and line items). Does that explain the issue you’re seeing?

If not, if you can post a screenshot it may help us better understand the issue.

the “problem” is that all the amount discounted is not shown in the total of the invoice so the customer will not really understand the total discount received. I attach two screenshot with the difference.

Here total discount is shown

Here total discount is not shown

@david any thoughts?

Line item discounts can be shown on the line item level, however as they effect the line item total, we don’t carry the discounts down to the totals.

Is there some way to add the total discount amount to the invoice resume?

I do understand the sense from IT point of view (discount per row, sum the discounted amount, show result), but personally I think showing the total discount amount is still very relevant to show.
As it is now, the discount received is not understandable at the eyes of the customer.

I have to keep per line discount because one item for us is governmental stamp out of taxes and out of discount.

Or, is there some way to keep one or more items out of the discount/taxation of the total invoice?

Example, discount on the invoice 5%, but one single item need to stay not discounted

You could use a surcharge field if you need to exclude one particular item, i’m not sure if there is another way around this.

Thanks, this last perfectly works for the single item.