Per item Tax Rate

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I cutover to V5 from V4 and some recurring invoices have a per item tax rate assigned. When I edit them and select the blank tax option the field disappears completely, however, when clicking save and reopening the same item the tax rate wasn’t actually removed.


I haven’t been able to reproduce this, would you be able to share a screencast?

Yes. I’ll send you a message.

To compound the problem, adding a task to an invoice doesn’t display the tax row for that item. So now the recurring items have tax that cannot be removed and the ad hoc items have no tax.

This prevents the entire invoice having tax per line item or the tax per total.

Actually, cannot seem to message you. How can I get you a link to the screencast without disclosing client details here?

You can send an email to

Received a speedy response. For others who encounter this, it only happens with the sidebar editor. If you click the arrow at the bottom you get a full screen editor that allows you to update the line item tax rates.

Tasks cannot have taxes added as the field doesn’t show up in either the sidebar / fullscreen editor.

Can you please check how many line item tax rates are enabled on Settings > Tax Rates, it may explain why the field is hidden after the value is removed as well as the problem with task tax rates.

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Note: there is still a bug where setting to blank won’t clear it, we’ll make sure this is resolved.

This was set to disabled. Setting it to one tax rate indeed shows the column!

Thanks @hillel