Hi, Over here in Europe, more and more government institutions are working with the Peppol standard )Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line)

As far as I van see, Ninja is not (yet) on the list of its “compliant” products. Are you aware of this ? Are you working on it ?

As a direct result, as of 1st januari 2020, we will be facing more and more of our customers (local government) insisting us entering invoices manually on a platform. Obviously that will reduce the value of Ninja enormously for us.

regards, Jos


It’s the first I’ve heard of it. If you’d like to see it added feel free to create an issue on GitHub

Hmm… it looks like it’s related to UBL which the app has beta support for

Thanks for your prompt reply. Much appreciated. However, i do not have the time and experience to get involved in Github. Not being an expert in these matters, i might very well put you on the wrong track altogether then. It’s not a simple request for functionality, it’s a GENERAL issue with the NInja product that could cost you loads of European customers in the long run.
I strongly recommend that Ninja itself takes overall action.

regards, Jos