pdf white background color

Hi there,
using invoiceninja.com. I want a white background for my invoices, because on light or dark email setting, pdf is transparant. How to set the background color of the pdf to white? Must be possible.

And in the dark theme mail setting, can I change te color of the black bar at the top? Don’t think so.

I don’t think it’s currently possible with invoiceninja.com. Which email client are you using? For most clients the PDF is added as an attachment.

If you set a custom primary color on /settings/invoice_design it’s used for the black bar in the email template.

Because it’s one page PDF I see the whole page in Apple Mail… even when it’s an attachment. That’s fine. Just the transparant background I don’t like.

I have set a custom primary color for the invoice design, but this doesn’t change the black bar in the email the customer gets.See image.black bar

I don’t see a simple way to fix it, feel free to create an issue on our GitHub repo.


I’m not sure, which color is the bar when clicking preview on /settings/templates_and_reminders

I will tell at at GitHub.

when I click on preview it’s black too. So two little bugs, but I can live with it. Thanks for answering.

I’m not sure why the black bar color isn’t changed, is it possible you’ve set a custom secondary color rather than a primary color?

Hi thanks. That was the reason!

Great to hear, thanks for letting us know!

Two steps ahead… one backwards ;-| Here you see the consequence of our efforts.



Our logo shows bad (because of orange C) in mailmessage header, but fine in invoice content part. I could use our alternative logo with a white C, but then it doesn’t show well in the invoice content part. I succeeded in getting the alternative logo (with white C) higher in the invoice, but then Z-index-code doesn’t work… the thick orange line (of header part) is stubbornly covering the logo. Solutions would be to put the alternative logo in the header part of the invoice (didn’t succeed in that… not a good coder) or get rid of the logo in the mail message. Probably this isn’t possible. Strange by the way that for the invoice the image logo code isn’t part of the header (at least in this template).

Have you considered creating a version of your logo with a white background behind it?

You may be able to fix the invoice design by changing the top margin on the ‘Margins’ tab.

ha, with a white background my first problem (transparant pdf) becomes more apparent since then also this logo stands out from the grey background (dark mail interface). Besides that the logo would not fit nice into the mail message header.

tried your second advise but then also the logo is behind the thick orange line.

I am a designer so am asking permission for my hair-splitting tendencies :wink:

Rest assured though that I will upgrade to a subscription since the Zapier connection is very, very useful to us.

No worries, I’m happy to help.

There’s a way to use separate images in the invoice and the email. In a custom invoice design you can remove the logo and replace it with a base64 encoded version. You can see an example in the photo design.

Yes I’ve seen that one. I will give that solution a try. thanks.