PDF table items: Merge 2 columns in 1 column [Self-Hosted]


I need to merge two columns into one column in the PDF table line items ($invoiceLineItems).
In this case, “article” and “description” in one column, in the invoice PDF.
Is this possible?

"table": {
      "body": "$invoiceLineItems" <== change this?


Hi, one option may be to remove the item column from the invoice on Settings > Invoice Design > Product Fields and then include it at the top of the line item description. You can #'s to change the text size.

Hi Hillel,

I also want to customize my invoices like that. So that the “article” and “description” are stacked. With a zebra-styled table I could keep things neat & tidy but still clear for the viewer.

I don’t think i follow what you mean by “…and then include it at the top of the line item description” but I am guessing that I cannot use the solution you provided here, and that i would have to re-create the table in the “invoice design” settings.

Maybe you could provide me with a link to the variables used in this table?

The custom designer doesn’t have a list of variables for the table, there’s just the table header and the table body. This will be improved in v5.

OK thnx for your reply. I’ll have to wait for v5 then.