PDF size sticks to Letter after upgrading to v5.3.73-C77


I upgraded from v5.3.68 to v5.3.73-C77, and the PDF size change to 21.587cm x 27.937cm (i.e. presumably sticks on Letter size @ 8.5 x 11 inches) even though A4 was chosen:

PDF document properties:

Previously the size was correct. Is there some issue?

Thank you.


Thanks for reporting this!

@david any thoughts?


we’ve had to remove the $page_size option as it was causing issues.

you can add this back in manually in a custom design, you’ll want to change the following block

    @page {
        margin-left: $global_margin;
        margin-right: $global_margin;
        margin-bottom: 0;
        margin-top: 0;
        size: $page_size $page_layout;
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Guys, sorry, but you can’t do that. It breaks so much and A4 is the most widely used paper format:

Most countries in Europe and Asia use an international standard known as the A-series. A4, for example (297 x 210 mm) is slightly longer and narrower than the 8 1/2 x 11 inch letter size (279 x 216 mm) commonly used in the US and Canada. ) .

Just because something caused issues, don’t just drop it from the software. Fix the code, not the surroundings. You cannot ask Invoice Ninja users (which are mostly non-tech) to add some CSS to a design.

@david @hillel I kindly ask you to think about this regression again.

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I have not try yet, but I am concern about needing to change the CSS and save as a custom design. May I know how did the $page_size option caused issue?
Is there any chance that it will be fixed in the upcoming release so that no workaround is needed?

Thank you.

I am testing a fix. Hopefully I can reinstate this in the next release

Thank you, looking forward to it! Please let us know once its available :slight_smile:


i’ve just tagged 5.3.74

page_size is back in there now.


Very glad about that, thank you @david


I have just upgraded to this version v5.3.74-C77, and the A4 size is back to normal now!


Thank you for the fix.