PDF Preview and generation now blank

The PDF generation seems a bit spotty. Some of them were working but some were coming through unreadable (with very low file sizes…so I suspect there wasn’t much going on there).

So I upgraded to 5.8.38 and the PDFs are definitely not working now. The preview doesn’t work and the downloads are tiny file sizes that are again, unreadable.

Not sure how to correct this? Am using PhantomJS to generate. Please advise…


I suggest trying to change to the hosted_ninja PDF generator,.

That did the trick! Thanks!

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!

Hello same issue here
i clicked on switch to web React and since then i can’t see PDF
XMLHttpRequest error.


#options - snappdf / phantom / hosted_ninja

Please create a new post with any error details from the browser console and we’ll try to help.