Pdf not updated after changing invoice


On my invoice i set the due date to 26/09/2023.
On the preview below it’s correct.

When i view pdf it’s the wrong date.



@david any thoughts?

Hi Hillel,
I guess it was after the update to version version 5.5.



The issue here is the PDF is not regenerating after updating.

Are you using




I have a feeling your queue’s may not actually be running?

Hi David,
tnx for the reply…

I have
im my .ENV file


I don’t think your queue is running.

Can you try changing QUEUE_CONNECTION=sync

and then update the cache /update?secret=secret or php artisan optimize

Hi David,
I restored a backup to version 5.5.8-C90.
Everything is fine now…
But the problem occurs when updating to latest version.


Hi David,

Problem occurs again.


Do you mean with "and then update the cache /update?secret=secret " i put after the url in my browser?
Like https://ninja5.xxxxxxx.be/#/update?secret=secret



Yes, but without the #


Do i have to fill in some secret key.
I get 404 “Not found”

mmmm for your system it may be /public/update?secret=secret

It did a refresh… so i thinks that’s it.

It could be browser cache.

Hi Rob…

Clleared and problem stays…

I’ve also been experiencing PDF update issues after one of the recent updates. I raised an issue for content not updating properly on the Invoice design on Github. @david

Also been having issues with PDF generation on most recent version using snappdf, had to switch to ninja_hosted

Does 5.5.45 resolve this?

Hi, I just updated to version v5.5.117-C115 and the problem is still there.
I edit an invoice and when I click download PDF, I get the old version.
I have to open the invoice and download the PDF from the embed web view PDF. Only here it’s current.

Any advice on how to delete PDF files directly on the disk from the cache folder, for a specific invoice in order to re-generate it, please?

Many thanks,


It sounds like your queue is not running so the PDFs are not regenerating after the update.

You can try changing QUEUE_CONNECTION=sync which should resolve the issue, but slow down the interface a little bit.