PDF not parseable by ABBY finereader

I have received a call from a client who has received a pdf generated with invoiceninja.
They cannot parse the pdf

which pdf version is used to parse the document ? what’s the compatibility ?
ARe there settings we can do ?

I assume the PDF was attached to an email, maybe PhantomJS failed to generate the PDF?

How large is the file?

Hi, the strange thing is the pdf is attached in the mail and we can open the pdf with a pdf reader…

Not sure… we use pdfmake.org to generate the PDF, it should work with any reader.

Hi, when i open the invoice with adobe acrobat reader i get a message
Wrong operand type error

How can we solve it ?

You could try with a different design or font.

It’d also be worth testing without the logo image.

if i validate the pdf i see the following
File 20171228_pure_automation.pdf
Compliance pdf1.3
Result Document does not conform to PDF/A.

Validating file “20171228_pure_automation.pdf” for conformance level pdf1.3

The value of the key Type is Annot but must be ExtGState.

The document does not conform to the requested standard.

The document doesn’t conform to the PDF reference (missing required entries, wrong value types, etc.).

The document does not conform to the PDF 1.3 standard.


This is a similar issue, the problem was the font.


Hi, can we have a standard font ?
like helvetica or something ?

Hi i need other fonts otherwise a lot of people will have trouble
can you add fe times new roman ? verdana ?

I think the font should be embedded in the PDF.

If you’re self hosting you may be able to add a custom font:


For us to add a font to the project it would need to be open source.

Hi, i have just paid for a yearly subscription on your server and i want to keep this. Can you embed the font ?

The font should already be embedded in the PDF file.

We can’t add custom fonts on our hosted platform but you may be able to add it if you self host the app.