Pdf.min.js issue with 5.3.40

5.3.40 release has given me an error with PDF creation. Traced this to an error in loading the pdf.min.js file. Ninja is adding an erroneous port number to the URL which causes a failure.

The < head > section contains the following line:

<script src="https://myserver.net:80/js/pdf.min.js"></script>
Instead of
<script src="https://myserver.net/js/pdf.min.js"></script>

Note the added :80. This causes an SSL failure as it should not be forcing using port 80. Is there a way of me fixing this so I can issue invoices?

EDIT: same issue with line 12 in < head >

pdfjsLib.GlobalWorkerOptions.workerSrc = "https://myserver.net:80/js/pdf.worker.min.js";




Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david

Can I fix this to be able to produce invoices today?


Are you behind a proxy or something?

Yes, but nothing has changed there. I’ve always run behind a proxy. It seems odd that these calls are being made specifically to Port 80?

I found a long-winded workaround. Injected pdf.min.js (using the correct url without the :80) into the page using the browser console and the pdf was then created. However the download url for the pdf file had the same problem, https but with port 80 required. I was able to copy the link, remove the :80 and download the pdf manually.


More news. Decided to try migrating it via JSON to one of your hosted accounts. That failed because my 18 clients is larger than the 50 allowed! Paid for Pro, tried again. 18 clients now came through, as did expenses and invoices but not the payments. It’s annoying that payments import isn’t supported. Makes it pretty useless to me.

More importantly, the invoice PDF generation doesn’t seem to work on your paid hosted system either! I just get an error message: 500: Internal Server Error - Server Error

EDIT: It all started working! :smile: Payments appeared after about 30 minutes and pdfs now work. If somebody at HQ fixed it, thank you!


Good to hear, one thing you may need to do is also re-upload your company logo

@Mikewood Hey Mike, did you managed to fix the port error issue?