PDF is not fully visible on iOS

Hi to all,

my customers have noticed that the pdf invoice with multiple pages is not fully visible/scrollable in customer area when viewing it on iPhone or iPad. Is it a bug or a misconfiguration on my side? I am using snappdf as pdf generator.

Thank you for your help.


I believe they’ll need to download the PDF to see all of the pages.

@ben will we be able to support this?

Yes, downloading is a workaround. But not everyone is tech savvy so far to understand that the invoice has to be downloaded. We write about this compatibility issue in our mails but it would be nice to get this working.

Thanks for reporting this, however, we cannot replicate your issue. Navigational keys work just fine for us on iPhone devices. Can you please record the screencast showing the problem?

Dear ben,

thank you for pointing this out. Indeed it works!!! We are very happy about it!!!

It didn’t work in 5.3.25 though. We are on 5.3.29 now.

The page selector is now present! Thank you again for solving this bug!