PDF invoice total is $0.02 higher than actual total

We’re generating the first invoice for a new client.

The subtotal and total on the invoice edit screen show the correct amounts, as verified by manually adding the tasks:

However, the printed PDF shows a different subtotal and total that is inexplicably higher by a measly 2 cents:


Granted, it’s only $0.02 difference, but I can’t send a client an invoice that is mysteriously showing the wrong total without looking unprofessional.

Can anyone provide some insight here as to where the mystery $0.02 might come from, and how do I remove it so the emailed PDF shows the correct totals?


It could be a rounding issue, are you able to share the line item details so we can try to replicate the problem.

Yep, had to clear it with my partners, but we’re comfy sharing the rate, hours, and line total details (from the PDF in this case):

Update: We’ve discovered that the line totals for 2 items are $0.01 higher each on the PDF than on the edit screen, so I’m including screenshots of those line items from the edit screen as well:

$35 * 1.107 hrs = $38.745 (the edit screen rounded down, and PDF rounded up correctly)

$35 * 4.103 hrs = $143.605 (the edit screen rounded down, and PDF rounded up correctly)

The rate and hours match on both, it’s only the line totals that differ. It is our opinion that rounding up should be the correct method, and so the PDF is actually showing the right values.

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll make sure this is corrected.

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