PDF invoice issues (Translation/Localisation/Currency-Formatting)

Hi @hillel, does your question go to me, or to @ben and @david ?

I was asking you, are you using the tasks feature?

hi @hillel, yes – I use tasks. I work as a graphic designer. I usually create a Clients Project, add Tasks to that Project to track/log my times, and finally create a Project Invoice that lists all Tasks and Times spent on Project.

Thank, that’s helpful to understand.

@david, what if we have the AP set the invoice.project_id field when invoicing a project and then make the invoice.project.name variable available in the PDF. If someone invoices multiple projects we could only show the first one but it would work well for single project invoices.

… or adds all invoiced projects like you do with multiple logged times on task. Appends to one variable with linebreaks or comma-separated.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-03 um 12.48.27


that works for me

I am wondering what the implementation options are as I am also looking to add project name and number to my custom invoices (I actually emailed support over the weekend)? For reference information I am a General Contractor so our lifecycle would be:
Cient → Client Project → Quote → Invoice
(from what I can tell, Quotes live outside of Projects and Tasks with no relationship except to Products)
Some of our invoices are 100% (small simple projects) others are % based on completed work during the monthly billing cycle. I’m new to your system and architecture but come from a database background.

Without understanding the architecture, does invoice.id and client.id live inside of ProjectsDB such that a query would return the project.id and project.name accordingly? This could also be used such that Client could see all Projects and all Invoices under a unique project.


Projects are designed in the app to group tasks, I’m not sure how useful they would be otherwise.

Hello everyone.
what about currency linebreaks? have the same issue with Euros in Germany,


Can you explain more by what you are referring to with currency line breaks?

Hello @david ,
I have in my invoice the same issue @cdahinten had.

or, in my invoice it looks like that: image

is that solvable in some way?


What version are you using? i believe in the latest version this is resolved.

I was on the version 5.2.14
right now updated to version 5.3.15-C59 - I’m on docker.
I still have the issue.