PDF invoice issue


I created an invoice and marked as “paid” by hands. Not via payment proxies like Stripe nor PayPal.

Possible issue: The PDF invoice on clients side is still “unpaid”, which means the numbers of “already paid” is still 0 EUR.

Any ideas?


@david any thoughts on this?

@ben are we able to use no-cache here for this - some browsers are aggressively caching the PDFs

I think we have 2 options here.

  1. Returning no-cache on the link that is provided by $entity->pdf_file_path()
  2. In theory, this should also work: `<iframe src="{{ $entity->pdf_file_path() . ‘?timestamp=’ . time() }}>

to end up with something like:

iframe src=“https://invoiceninja.com/.../.pdf?timestamp=UNIX_TIMESTAMP

What do you think @david?

I think, iframe might be questionable in case of Content-Security-Policy nor GDPR/DSGVO (invoiceninja get personal information about Clients, e.g. IP address) if you’re using the self-hosted one

I think #1 is the best, because adding query parameter doesn’t work for google/firefox when they have their aggressive caching on…

Can I force to non-cache?


We force no-cache internally now… let us know if you still see caching.