pdf email error


i create recurring invoice, but when it sent to email the pdf cant opened. the size of the email only less than 1KB. but when i create invoice normally (not recurring) it work fine, the pdf received perfectly. could someone help me? oh i’am self hosted. version that im using is the latest (2.8.0)

This may help: https://www.invoiceninja.com/forums/topic/bug-in-api-recurring-invoice/

could u tell me which version can send attachment pdf on recurring invoice?

I’m not sure I understand, this is supported by all recent version but you need to use the artisan command to send it.

the eail has been sent, but the pdf is not openable. here the sample pdf that has been sent to email via recurring invoice. but, if i manually sent email from invoice, the pdf can open


As per the other post… you can create the recurring invoice with the API but you need to send it using the artisan command.