Pdf doesn't open

Hi, I have two bugs:

  • pdf doesn’t open in “show pdf”, when I send the email and in the client portal. In the web version, hosted
  • in the windows app when I go to settings the hamburger menu is overlapping with the search box and can’t go back to the app. (this bug is appearing for a long time)

Thank you!! Regards, Matija


Which browser are you using here? it looks like the browser may not have a PDF viewer in built?

Could you try with Chrome?

Thanks for reporting the overlapping buttons, we’ll make sure it’s corrected.

I am using chrome all the time, the bug happened with previous ninja update and today it is still here with the latest update. I will clean up cookies on my browser and report back.

Deleted the cookies and the bug remains…

I enabled the open pdfs in chrome and now it works. All good! Sorry for the hassle…

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