Paypal Payment Issue with Hosted Invoice Ninja

My customers are complaining about this error after they accept terms and conditions - following window is showing this eror with PayPal log and error Don’t see the secure PayPal browser? We’ll help you re-launch the window to complete your purchase.

Continue doesn’t do much - no action. I can also reproduce his error.

I’m not sure, maybe this will help:

I did look at that prior to the submission here. I did suggest that to a customer. But we can reproduce the same thing on two different system (client and ours). Caching coincidence on both, I will try my browser cache to check again.

You may want to try disabling the accept terms feature to see if it helps.

Are you using the latest version?

We are using invoiceninja SaaS hosted production. I did disable signatures to see that would help, in the past we had clients complain abiabout the signatures not functional on android. I will try disabling terms and conditions.

  1. I removed the site related content from the content settings (cookie and cache etc.)

Didn’t Help

  1. I unchecked the setting “Invoice Terms Checkbox (Enable) Require client to confirm that they accept the invoice terms.”

That did help.

Am I assuming there is a problem with that feature in production?

Seems like it. Our next release is a week on Sunday, it has some related fixes which I think may help.