Client has ran into this error while trying to make a payment.
There was an error processing your payment [401].
Gateway failure. Payee does not have appropriate consent to allow the API caller to process this type of transaction on their behalf. Your current setup requires the ‘payee’ to provide a consent before this transaction can be processed successfully.
debug_id : 4aabead21fd4e

My gateway seems fine, although I recently updated it since the integration with PayPal Express ended.
Status: activated
Email: Confirmed
Permissions: Granted

Attached an image of the error. Would appreciate any sort of help with this.


@david do you have any suggestions?

This message appears when API permissions have not yet been granted to invoice ninja.

You will want to log into PayPal, navigate to API permissions, and then grant permissions to invoice ninja

Thanks for responding. I logged in to PayPal to check the API permissions and they were already granted to Invoice Ninja (Invoice Ninja, LLC (PPCP Production)). Instructed my client to attempt the payment again and the problem still persists. The problem appeared since the integration with PayPal Express ended and had to update to the new PayPal Platform.


This is unusual. I would suggest deleting the current PayPal Platform gateway in Invoice Ninja and running through the gateway setup again.