Payor different from quote receiver

Hey folks! We just switched to V5 and the workflow we used in V4 is seemingly not working due to a missing setting or maybe features have just changed drastically.

Many of our customers are not the same people who pay. So let’s say Frank is accepting the quote -or- giving a thumbs up to Sally, their accountant, to accept the quote and pay. With V4 we would either email them from within invoice ninja or just give them the publically accessible link. In either instance, Frank could forward the email, or share the link with Sally. Regardless if he accepted+signed then she paid, or she accepted+signed and then paid.

It seems with V5 there isn’t an option to share that public link. When we send the email to Frank, he cannot just forward it to Sally to have her pay and/or accept+pay. We tried adding her as a contact, but it still came up with the error “Only Quotes with the sent status can be approved” when she attempted to pay. Can someone advise what switch we are missing or how these new permissions work?

Many of our customers are schools and churches with two, three or four people involved, so this is a daily occurrence for us.


The same links are available in v5 but It looks like the app is requiring the quote to be marked as sent first.

@david can we avoid the “Only Quotes with the sent status can be approved” error by allowing draft quotes to be approved and automatically marked as sent.