Payments Posting Twice and Balance Due is doubled?

We are a self-hosted customer using v4.5.17.
We are having issues where it appears that payments are posting 2x and the invoice outstanding amounts are doubling. When we try to delete one of the duplicate payments, the invoice then shows a balance for the payment delete.

For example:
Invoice A: One item at a price of $1,000 for an invoice total of $1,000.

Payment from Stripe (or paypal or check) for $1,000, but it is posted twice. Account is now showing a $1,000 credit.

Delete the duplicate payment of $1,000, Invoice A is now unpaid with a balance of $1,000.

When I click on the Invoice A, it shows one item at price of $1,000, but the total amount of the invoice is now $2,000.

It appears that this duplication issue is not still happening, but I have no way to fix the ones that have messed up. Its either unpaid or over paid. Delete the invoice changes nothing.

Any advice on how to fix this?

Are you able to replicate the problem?

I think you’ll need to manually adjust the database to correct it.

It looks like it is not happening on new payments. So we are good there.

How do I need to fix it in the database?

You’ll need to manually adjust the client/invoice balances/paid to date

Ok. Can I do this via the REST API with a PUT method? Im trying to not mess too much with the SQL database directly.

Sorry, no.

I suggest using mysql_dump to make a backup of the database.

This issue appears to still be happening. Randomly, payments are posted twice. Then, when deleted, the balance paid to date on the invoice goes negative. This is really starting to impact us. Any advice on what could be causing this?

I don’t mind going into the database to find them but it keeps happening. We need to stop the bleeding here before I can start to clean up the mess.

Sorry, I don’t have an answer.

If you’re able to reproduce the problem with a test invoice it would help tracking down the problem.

Note: we plan to release a new version of the app which will replace this functionality.

For the new version you are referring to, Is that a patch to the existing invoice ninja code base or you are talking about “InvoiceNinja 2.0”