Payments duplicated on Json request.

I have been having trouble getting Payments from Invoice ninja.
Currently, when I view payments in Invoice Ninja it shows 28 payments. “Showing 1 to 28 of 28 entries”

When I export it via JSON and XLS it is the same.

However, when I call it via API I have a Total of 106 records and 8 pages.

I have checked and Calling it Correctly -H X-Ninja-Token=xxxxxxxxxx
and getting a response.

“meta”: {
“pagination”: {
“total”: 106,
“count”: 15,
“per_page”: 15,
“current_page”: 1,
“total_pages”: 8,
“links”: {
“next”: “

I found that when i call via the API it also gets the Deleted items as well as when i looked into the database found it had 106 records. most were either “0” amounts or deleted. other than the 28 that were meant to be there.

Sorry for the late response, my email notification was in my spam folder.

It sounds like you’ve figured it out, the API returns all records regardless of status.