Payment Type

  1. How can i change the name “check” to cheque from the Payment Type?
  2. I want to add a new payment type.

I did that from the sqldb but it never reflect from the application.

If you change the data in the table you’d need to add ?clear_cache=true to the end of the URL to clear the application cache.

let me understand this please you mean after am done with changes on the database i should put clear_cache=true to the end of the URL?
so basically it gonna be like http://mydomain/my_billing_app/clear_cache=true ?

Almost, change the / to a ?


I don’t know what’s wrong but what i did was to correct the payment type name check to Cheque and i applied “?clear_cache=true” to the end of the URL but after that this is what i see from the payment type “texts.payment_type_Cheque” what should i do?

You’d need to add the translation to resources/lang/en/texts.php

Thank you very much sir for your support it worked.

Please help me with also i’ve tried configuring email settings and i can’t save by this warning:

“Warning: Permission denied to write to .env config file, try running sudo chown www-data:www-data /path/to/ninja/.env”

so this is what i did

[root@localhost ~]# sudo chown www-data:www-data /usr/local/ampps/www/billing .env

and it returns “chown: invalid user: ‘www-data:www-data’”

What shold i do please.

You can try manually editing the file instead.

how shold i do that please.

nano /usr/local/ampps/www/billing/.env

It has open for open for me where can i correct the error please

To clarify, you’re seeing an error when saving the settings screen?

Which settings are you trying to change?

yes error when saving it

Which setting are you trying to save?

I think you’re going to need to ask your webhost for help.

I’ve tried to resolve it, but where can i know if the mails are sent or not?
I think my smtp server is having issue so the system cannot connect to it.
I changed the mail driver to mail and I tested it, it says sent but I’ve haven’t received the mail.

You may want to check your mail server logs