Payment type when enter payment

Once again, great job, i have one more question, when i add a manual payment, i can choose the payment type, but i only work whit money and bank transfer, it is some option that i can see to disable some types? like alipay, american express…
in the payment setting the gateway is only for online payment correct??
or is a nice option to add to the app.


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This isn’t currently supported, feel free to create an issue here:

Hi @hillel

if there no interactive or user side to edit this, is there any place or code (for self hosted) that can be edited to remove some of the payment gateway and add some with custom name payment provider.

In my situation, my customer use only bank transfer, so I don’t need any payment gateway. so I want to put just the banks name on the “Payment Type” menu for my own record.

Can you advice if this possible and how or what or where the code needed to be remove or add

It’s possible you could remove the values from the database however this could cause issues in the future so isn’t recommended.

How about instead of remove at the database, can i just add a new one?

And as i didnt need any automated system or any authentication key, as the payment will be key in manually by me, so maybe i can just copy the value of the “cash” as per attached picture.

And put letsay name i use “E Wallet 1” or “Local Bank 1” and put an “id” that differ and far higher than existing “id” from others existing one, and put gateway type ID to “null”

will this will work? and was there probably gonna be an issues in the future upgrade?

For Example i add in the payment_types

id = 100
name = local bank 1
gateway_type_id = null

Any manual changes to the database can potentially cause problems in the future.