Payment Source listing field name (v3.9.0)

On /payments the Source column is showing:

texts.payment_type_bank transfer

On /payments/create the Payment Type field is showing all correct names except for the last two:


All other form elements appear to be correct and system working fine.

Any ideas?

It looks like a bug, we’ll include a fix with our next release.

I see the problem on /payments/create but not /payments

Are you using the app in a language other than English?

I was in “English” but changing to “English - United Kingdom” hasn’t made a difference.

Editing a payment and resellecting Debit still shows texts.payment_type_debit in the Source field of the table on /payments.

Happy to try whatever else you need or post a partial sql dump if you like.

Can you check that you have this change:

No I didn’t, sorry Hillel. Fixed with v3.9.2. Thanks!

Great to hear, thanks for letting us know!

Sorry Hillel,

With v3.9.2 on /payments/create, I still see these two on the Payment Type dropdown field:


It should be fixed in v4.0