Payment settings set to "do not send confirmation email", yet emails still sent (v5.2.11-C53)


Here are my payment settings:

I am currently adding previous transactions to IN so I added lots of them recently, and since I BCCed myself to sent emails, here is what I got in my inbox:

It’s in French, but those are all payment confirmations sent to the clients… even though my settings are supposedly setup to not send confirmation emails.

Am I missing something?


Those settings are for manual payments entered. If I mark an invoice as “paid”, does the system automatically send a confirmation email? Can I turn this off? My email templates are not done yet, and my client portal CSS is a bit wonky ATM, so I don’t want my clients to access anything on my server yet (I send PDFs for now…)


You can disable the email on Settings > Company Details > Defaults

Thanks! But both options are (were) off already:

@david any thoughts?


can you upgrade to the latest I believe this is resolve in .13?

Hello @david,

OK great, I’ll keep you posted if it still happens with .13! Thanks