Payment Receipt: Impossible with Invoice Ninja?

I’m based in Japan, as are a large part of my clients. I’m running the self-hosted version of Invoice Ninja and I really like it, especially compared to other solutions I’ve used in the past.

The only major thing I can’t seem to figure out is how to create a dedicated receipt pdf with Ninja Invoice. In Japan, to be usable for tax deduction, a document needs to be titled “Receipt” (領収書), compared to “Invoice” (請求書). The term “Invoice” is only used before payment.

In the first step I would like to send an invoice. Upon payment of which, in step two I send out the receipt (I’d do that manually as I don’t accept online payments atm). Unfortunately that’s not possible, as there’s only one invoice pdf. Or am I missing something?

The only difference that’s necessary between those two documents would be the title (receipt instead of invoice), everything else could be identical.

Ideally there would be one of two options
a) a new email placeholder $receiptLink (same as $paymentLink but linking to the receipt) to be used when sending out the payment receipt mail
b) once a payment has been made, the title of the pdf changes from “Invoice” to “Receipt” automatically

For now, I only see two workarounds:
a) I change the string in the language files from “Invoice” to “Receipt”. Then I let my clients know the due amount directly in the email. Upon payment I send them the receipt email and make the receipt pdf available via $paymentLink (or attachment)
b) I send the invoice as intended, and upon payment I manually (outside of Invoice Ninja) create a receipt pdf and send it to my clients (which is how i do it right now)

Obviously both alternatives are far from ideal.

Am I overlooking something obvious? Or is this such a fringe case right now that no one else has had this issue?
Does anyone know a better workaround?

Thanks a lot

So, do I read the lack of response correctly that it is not possible to create a dedicated payment receipt with Invoice Ninja?


Thanks for bumping the issue!

Here’s one possible solution:

Steps to configure

  • Add a custom invoice dropdown field called ‘Document Type’ with two options Invoice/Receipt
  • Create a custom design which uses this custom field for the invoice title

Steps to create a receipt PDF

  • Change the type to receipt/save invoice
  • Download the PDF
  • Change the type to invoice/save invoice

Thank you so much. That’s an excellent solution to my problem.

Thanks again

Glad to hear it, happy to help!