Payment not Auto Applied

I just started using the Self-Hosted v5 and when my customer pays through Stripe, the payment shows up on Invoice Ninja but doesn’t automatically apply to the invoice. Then when I try to apply the payment manually (which I really don’t want to have to do for every credit card payment I receive) it creates two payments on the invoice. Help?


@david any thoughts?


Where are you not seeing the payment update? On the PDF?

When I go to the payment screen in Invoice Ninja, the payment is there but says “Unapplied”. Then I look at the invoice that the payment is for and it just says “Viewed” instead of “Paid” for status.


is this happening for every payment? Could it be that the data simply isn’t refreshing?

The same is happening for me since updating from v5.3.40 to v5.3.41-C68. On the user side it returns a 500 server error from the customer portal. The payment does process appropriately in Stripe however and the payment is shown but unapplied in the invoiceninja system.

@calmcomputing @msuracer2005

There was a regression in 5.3.41, i’ve tagged a new release with a fix for this.

I’m on v5.3.83 and I’m still having the issue of credit card payments being made but not auto-applied. It’s only on two of my customers, all others are coming in correctly. But these two specific customers pay their recurring bills manually. The auto bill box is not checked in their portals, could that have something to do with it?


You may want to try upgrading to the latest, your app is missing a lot of updates.

We updated, payment is still not auto-applied. We have to go in and apply it to the corresponding invoice. We are on v5.4.8-W91. All clients that are on recurring invoices and have the box checked for auto bill we have no problems with but clients that pay manually never get applied and we have to go in and do it ourselves in order for the payments to go through.