Payment has already been made for this InvoiceID when second payment made

I have an invoice where the “partial payment” was requested, which was made by client. The same invoice was mailed when the job completed showing a balance owing, but the client was not able to make a second payment on invoice. I got this is the laravel-info.log

/app/Ninja/PaymentDrivers/BasePaymentDriver.php [Line 319] => Payment has already been made for this InvoiceID.

How do I allow multiple payments to one invoice?

I’m using PayPal gateway.

PayPal requires all invoice to have unique invoice numbers, I think you’d need to change the invoice number to process a second payment on the same invoice.

It sounds like in a partial payment scenario, the invoice number should have a prefix appended so that paypal can process multiple payments for the same invoice.

DavidBomba: Thanks. Not exactly sure how to do this but will look into it.

Hillen: If I “Archive” the payment in Payments / Edit, would this remove the roadblock?

No, I wouldn’t think so. PayPal doesn’t know\care if the invoice was archived.

Thanks for the suggestion Dave! I’ll look into it…

Did we get enhanced logged for this issue? We like to you the same invoice for rest of the payment due - otherwise it breaks the workflow and tracking of payments.

Are you using the latest version, this should be fix in v3.3.