Payment gateway dropdown list shows only 4 gateways, where are others?

I had a self hosted version of Invoice Ninja. Recently I updated to 2.6 as I want to start collecting online payments. I did a git account on local server and then copied all files to remote server and did a ‘composer install’ there. Everything seems good but there is a small problem. The dropdown list shows only 4 payment gateways (paypal express, stripe, dwolla and bitpay). Where are the other gateways?

Vijai Pandey

There should be a ‘More options’ choice at the end of the list to see the other options.

Can you please email a screenshot of what you see to

Thank you very much for your prompt response on email. Now I understand that I can have only one credit card payment gateway with one account and I already have stripe therefore I can not have others.

Thank you.

Thanks for letting us know!

We’ve heard this a few times before, we’ll try to make it clearer in the app.